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Evolve in到一个 well-rounded person - and professional.

Develop your knowledge in mathematics, 人文学科, 英语, 社会科学, life sciences and languages through Davenport University’s 文理学院. Whether you’re studying to be a social worker, 业务分析师, an environmental scientist or for any number of rewarding careers, you’ll take core classes through the 文理学院. Davenport’s 文理学院 also offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, from a 医学实验室科学学位 到一个 社会工作学士.



The 文理学院 faculty are industry-experienced experts in their respective fields. They’re also compassionate and supportive mentors who will be there to help you succeed at Davenport and beyond. Learn from them online through our 全球校园 或者在其中一个 亚美am8官网登录首页的校园 在密歇根. Through arts and science degrees like the 医学实验室科学学位, you can also work alongside them on rewarding research. 


Make the most of your summer vacation through 亚美am8官网登录首页的夏令营. Mainly designed for high school students, the camps are offered primarily through the 文理学院. Develop your mathematical skills through math camp, investigate a staged crime scene through science camp or explore network attacks and how to stop them through 电脑营

Explore Davenport’s arts and science degrees

Whether you want to be an environmental scientist, 业务分析师, or want to see where a 社会工作学士 will take you, the 文理学院 has the undergraduate and graduate degrees you need 到一个chieve your career goals. Explore the arts and science degrees listed below and choose the one that’s best for you. If you have questions about Davenport’s arts and science degrees, please call us at 800.686.1600 或电邮至

Biological Laboratory Science

担任研究助理, 科研技术人员, environmental scientist and so much more with Davenport bachelor’s in biological laboratory science. This 医学实验室科学学位 will prepare you for positions in academic, industrial and government settings. Work for biotechnology manufacturing companies that produce new vaccines, drugs and other important products. With the 医学实验室科学学位, you could also work in university and 医疗 research labs, government regulatory agencies and forensics labs.

Integrative Professional Studies - Social Work

Study to be a social worker by earning two degrees in the areas of social work in just four years through the 文理学院 along with Davenport’s colleges of technology, business and health professions. Through this unique partnership, you’ll complete 58 credit hours at Davenport and then transfer to Kuyper College in Grand Rapids. 在那里, you’ll complete 66 credits leading 到一个 社会工作学士 that’s nationally accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Once you finish your coursework at Kuyper, you’ll also earn a bachelor of applied science in integrative professional studies from Davenport. 


Become 业务分析师 who can examine vast databases using complex algorithms and artificial intelligence through a bachelor's or master's in data analytics. Take data analysis master’s courses 100% Online+ through Davenport’s 全球校园. The 30-credit-hour data analysis master’s will ready you for in-demand jobs in business, 医疗, government and nonprofit organizations. The data analysis bachelor's and master’s is delivered jointly by the 文理学院 in partnership with Davenport’s colleges of technology, business and health professions. 


Develop advanced skills and specialized knowledge necessary 到一个dvise individuals and groups to promote a healthy mental and emotional state, with an emphasis on prevention. Through Davenport's mental health counseling program, you'll position yourself for a career spent enriching the lives of even more people in a variety of settings, including healthcare organizations, rehabilitation centers and youth homes through Davenport's mental health counseling program.